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About Us

The company is a leading high-end coal machinery equipment supplier mainly engaged in coal mining comprehensive mining machinery and equipment. Its main business is the design, research and development, manufacture, sales and technology of coal comprehensive mining equipment, coal mine automation control systems and mining electrical equipment. Service, we have a number of professional equipment design and production of technical personnel for your tailor-made, large storage area, mining equipment variety, style, variety, to meet your needs, Our company's roadheader has flexible operation,safe and reliable explosion-proof intrinsic safety switch box and intrinsically safe operation box.The main controller is installed in the sealed enclosure and effectively shield electromagnetic interference.Working conditions are displayed on the LCD screen.It has overvoltage,motor overload,short circuit and leakage lockout.Equipped with an internal spray system,it has a good dust removal effect.Hydraulic system maintenance is simple and convenient.Our experienced team of engineers also undertake mining works at several mines using our roadheaders.

Our Best Products

The company's boring machine is a high-end boring machine equipment supplier mainly engaged in the comprehensive mining and mining machinery equipment of the mountain mines,and provides customers with selection and design of the complete equipment for the comprehensive mining and fully-mechanized mining face of the coal mine.

EBH120 Type RoadHeader

EBH120 cantilever type roadheader adopted transverse cutting with two gun head and has a good stability...

EBZ90 Type RoadHeader

EBZ90 cantilever type roadheader has a narrow size and the structure of the hydraulic system is simple...

EBZ120 Type RoadHeader

EBZ120 cantilever type roadheader has a mature technology,the quality is excellent,it is used in tunneling...

EBZ135 Type RoadHeader

EBZ135 cantilever type roadheader has a low body,it is adopted Import pilot control hydraulic system,has a high reliability...

EBZ160 Type RoadHeader

EBZ160 cantilever type roadheader equipped the cutting arm with extension type which can realize positioning cutting...

EBZ200 Type RoadHeader

EBZ200 cantilever type roadheader equipped with extension-type cutting arm,it can realize positioning cutting...